These are examples of our products, we have a great variety of items and designs in stock

Dimensions are approximate.

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Pint tankard, BG001

Fishing design, ht. 14cm (5.5").

Pint barrel tankard, BG002.

Fishing design, ht. 14cm (5.5").

Pint tankard, BG004.

Cyclist design, ht. 16cm (6.3").

Half pint tankard, BG005.

Rugby design, ht.13cm (5").

Half pint tankard, BG008.

Golf design, ht.13cm (5").

Half pint tankard, BG012.

Cricket design, ht.13cm (5").

Half pint tankard, BG016.

Bowls design, ht.13cm (5").

Mirror coaster, MX007.

Hedgehog design, wd.10cm (4").

Mirror coaster, MX008.

Badger design, wd.10cm (4").

Coaster, MX010.

Leaves design, diam.11cm (4.25").

Mirror coaster, MX012.

Seahorse design, wd.10cm (4").

Mirror coaster, MX013.

Cat design, wd.10cm (4").

Mirror coaster, MX016.

Owl design, wd.10cm (4").

Mirror wall clock, MX023.

Tiger design, diam.20cm (7.75").

Mirror wall clock, MX024.

Waterlillies design, diam.20cm (7.75").

Faceted paperweight, MX051.

Penguins design, width 8cm.

Small rainbow domed clock, MX052.

Tulips design, ht. 10cm.

Large rainbow domed clock, MX053.

Butterflies design, ht .14.5cm.

Sports trophy, MX059.

Golf design, ht.17cm.

Rainbow clock, curved back, MX060.

Penny-farthing design, ht. 11cm.

Rainbow clock, curved back, MX061.

Steam car design, ht. 11cm.

Dartington decanter, MX064.

Yacht design, ht. 28cm (11").

Coaster, MX066.

Abstract Celtic design, width 12cm (4.75").

Rainbow tealight holder TLH023.

Floral design, ht. 8cm.

Rainbow tealight holder, TLH024.

Butterfly design, ht. 8cm.

Rainbow tealight holder, TLH026.

Owl design, ht. 8cm.

Tall rainbow tealight holder, TLH045.

Seahorse design, ht. 12cm.

Pint tankard, VH006.

Torbay express train design, ht. 16cm (6.25")

Whisky glass WG002

Hedgehog design, ht. 8cm (3.25").

Whisky glass, WG003.

Male cyclist design, ht. 8cm. (3.25").

Whisky glass, WG004.

Cat design, ht. 8cm. (3.25").

Whisky glass, WG006.

Badger design, ht. 8cm. (3.25").

Gin glass, WG009.

Inscripted, ht. 19cm. (7.5").

Whisky glass, WG021.

Fly fishing design, ht.8cm (3.25").

Whisky glass, WG023.

Horse design, ht.8cm (3.25").

Whisky glass, WG027.

Elephant design, ht.8cm (3.25").

Whisky glass, WG029.

Golf design, ht.8cm (3.25").

Whisky glass, WG038.

Gardening design, ht.8cm (3.25").

Whisky glass, WG041.

Pheasant design, ht.8cm (3.25").

Whisky glass, WG045.

Spaniel design, ht.8cm (3.25").

Whisky glass, WG051.

Penguin design, ht.8cm (3.25").

Whisky glass, WG057.

Lady bowler design, ht.8cm (3.25").

Boot shot glass, WG108.

Cheers design, ht.8cm (3.25").

Tapered wine glass, WN009.

Blackberries design, ht.21cm (8.25").

Brandy glass, WN010.

Abstract design, ht.12cm (4.75").

Wine glass, WN013.

Butterflies design, ht.15cm (5.75").